In this diagram, 2 boys are riding bicycles see carefully
ā˜ā˜šŸŒž      ā˜           ā˜
       ā˜  āœˆ         ā˜    šŸš    ā˜    ā˜        ā˜          ā˜     ā˜   ā˜

              šŸŒ²/     lšŸš\šŸŒ³šŸ‘­
           šŸŒ³/  šŸš˜ l  šŸƒ \šŸŒ“ šŸ‘¬                       šŸ‘¬  šŸŒ“/            l  šŸš”    \šŸŒ²
      šŸŒ²/   šŸš–     l               \
   šŸŒ³/šŸš¶           |   šŸš         \ šŸŒ“šŸš“šŸš“
šŸŒ“/                    |                     \šŸŒ²
 If you have seen them, forward to 2 groups and see the magic.The cyclists will change their positions
I am also shocked